Permanent Eyebrow Tattoo


What is microblading, powder brow, combination brow?

A pigment similar to your natural hair color is selected and gently tattooed onto your brow area to create symmetry and balance.  Perhaps you would like to raise the arch of your brow to “brighten up” the appearance of your eyes?  Maybe you would like to have us, your Atlanta permanent makeup professional, create realistic eyebrows simulating hair strokes to give a three-dimensional effect to your eyebrows?  Microblading, hairstroke eyebrow tattoo, combination brows, ombre brows (powder brows,) are all types of eyebrow tattoos that will fill sparse brows or create brows where there are none. We offer a variety of permanent brow tattoo techniques designed to best complement your contours, bone structure, and amplify your natural features.

Brows frame your face and can drastically improve your appearance. Fuller brows are synonymous with youth.  Contact us.  Your Atlanta permanent makeup professional can help you achieve a perfect look using our advanced permanent makeup tattoo techniques. See our before and after photos for inspiration!



“I suggest you come to see Anna for all your cosmetic needs”

– Pam

Eyebrow Microblading


Microblading or hairstroke brows consist of individual hair-like strokes that mimic the natural hair pattern of your eyebrows. Not all skin types are good for microblading and the result fades faster than shaded brows.

Eyebrows - Ombre


Ombré shading gives a soft shaded brow pencil look. It is also called powder brow or shaded brows. Ombré heals with a natural look giving brows great definition and depth. Ombré shading or powder brows can be customized to your preferred style – from soft to show-stopping bold brows.

Eyebrows - Combination


Combination brow is a mix of microblading and ombré shading or powder brows.

Eyebrow - Men


A man’s brows say a lot about him. Depending on his eyebrow shape and thickness, brows can say something about his confidence, assertiveness, kindness, generosity, caring, helpfulness, and intensity. Eyebrows are a key part of facial attractiveness. Men understand how fast their eyebrows grow and how sparse they become over the years. Regardless of the cause, having eyebrows that are too sparse can lead to low self-image, poor self-esteem, and decreased life quality. We offer microblading, nano hair stroke and ombré eyebrow tattoos for men to help fill in sparse brows. We specialize in creating natural masculine brows that compliments male features.


Brows are one of the first things people notice because they frame your face. Imagine looking youthful with full brows 24/7 with eyebrow tattoo.


Anyone who wants to accentuate their brows and save time applying makeup everyday, has experienced a big life changing event, has alopecia or trichotillomania, has thinning brows due to age maturity or overplucking, is suffering from poor vision, limited or poor motor skills, arthritis or other physical challenges. Every person who uses an eyebrow pencil is a candidate.

Anyone whose brows are blonde or light in color can enjoy microblading, combination or ombre brows – microshading – powder brows – in customized shapes and custom blended colors that enhance their facial features.

Anyone who suffers from hemophilia, seizures and epilepsy, cold, flu, covid-19; has active acne, eczema, psoriasis, keloid scars, hypertrophic scars on the area to be treated; women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, anyone undergoing chemotherapy, who has a pacemaker or major heart problems, has immunodeficiency, organ transplant, is currently using or has been on Accutane for less than one year.

Yes. The pigment particles, once tattooed into the skin, stays encapsulated in the skin tissue.

Pigment particles exposed to the UV rays of the sun breakdown over time. Pigment particles in your skin used to create your eyebrow tattoos are exposed to the UV rays of the sun. To prevent premature fading, you will need to use sunblock consistently. Avoiding the sun, tanning beds, retinol, alpha hydroxy, and use of glycolic acids such as fruit acids commonly found in some toners, cleansers and moisturizers will help with the longevity of your microblading.

On average manual or machine method of implanting pigment into the skin for permanent makeup last anywhere from one to three years.

Ombre or powder brow will have more longevity as the color is applied into the skin in shaded blocks rather than very fine singular lines of microblading.

One or more continuation visit (follow-up /touch up sessions) six weeks after the initial procedure is highly recommended. A fresh color application is recommended two to three years after your initial treatment depending on skin type and care.

We apply anesthetics to the area prior to treatment and throughout the duration of the treatment. However, depending on each individual’s pain tolerance level, it may not be possible to eliminate discomfort for all clients.

Different needle configurations are chosen depending on the type of brows you desire. For microblading and nano hair stroke brows, the process is creating fine lines using smaller needle configuration to mimic hair strokes. For ombre or powder brows, the process is creating graduated shading from light to dark using larger needle configuration.

Combination brows is a combination of hair strokes and shading needles and techniques. With any tattoo procedure, pigment particles are deposited into the skin when the tattoo needles carrying the pigment particles break your skin barrier and enter your dermis.

We specialize in enhancing your natural beauty. We help you choose an eyebrow design that complements your face. We choose colors that complement your skin tone and match your natural hair.

Our years of experience, investment in continuing education, advanced techniques and equipment give us an edge in creating realistic, natural makeup tattoos.

Although it is possible for scars to develop, we implant pigments at a shallow depth into your skin tissue. We minimize scarring by using the most technologically advanced methods and products.

Dark makeup. The color will oxidize immediately after the procedure and look too dark and saturated. Swelling. The area will be swollen for a few days and should start to subside in 2-7 days depending on the procedure.

After two weeks your brows will start to lighten as the skin tissue goes through changes. The pigment may even appear to disappear but keep calm as the color will become more visible as the skin goes through its renewal cycle. Scabbing or flaking may occur and become visible. The area will peel leaving less intense color within days. Please do not disturb the scabs intentionally or unintentionally.

You will be asked to keep an occluding film on your brows for 14 days.

Sometimes the procedure causes temporary swelling, redness and in rare cases, bruising.

Most people do not need to take time from their employment. If you have travel plans, wedding or other special occasions to attend, please plan your microblading procedure accordingly.

The final healed result can be seen six weeks after the initial procedure.

Yes. Microblading, nano hair stroke brows, ombre or powder brows, combination brows enhances any other cosmetics you wear.

Hair color does not affect your microblading. Permanent eyebrow pigment color is chosen based on your skin tone and natural hair color.

You can apply a different color of eyebrow pencil, and the eyebrow color you apply will be more visually prominent than your permanent eyebrow tattoo color.

Yes. Permanent makeup applied prior to surgery can help you look your best during your recovery period.

If you are planning on getting a facelift, it is wise to get your eyebrow tattoo, whether microblading or ombre brows, applied afterwards to avoid an unwanted brow placement.

Yes. Let your doctor know so that he or she can cover your microblading. Pigments with Titanium Dioxide will turn black when exposed to laser.

Yes. You should always be cautious, as it is possible to be allergic to the pigment or the topical anesthetic.

We may perform a patch test, at your request, with the chosen pigment to be used to reduce the chance of an unexpected allergic reaction. But, keep in mind that you can develop an allergy to anything at any time.

Many doctors recommend that people who have sensitive skin or allergies to cosmetics have permanent makeup procedures done because they are great alternatives to cosmetic products that they are sensitive to.

120 to 150 minutes.

$550 for the initial treatment session. $150 for each additional procedure session scheduled every 6 weeks after the initial treatment session.

Permanent makeup is a multiple-step process. It is recommended to have a continuation visit six weeks after the initial treatment session.

On average we see clients in two visits, although it may take more sessions if the client has an underlying skin condition.

Continuation visits are scheduled in intervals of six weeks after the initial treatment session.

Yes. You can definitely have your microblading lightened or removed without the use of laser by an Atlanta permanent makeup professional in our office or you may elect laser removal by a licensed and certified laser technician.

In the State of Georgia, physicians and nurses are licensed to perform laser tattoo removal.

Procedures are done under strict sterile standards in keeping with those set by the Centers for Disease Control. We use sterile disposable supplies.

Any time the skin is open there is potential for an infection. The treated area must be kept clean. There are usually no major complications.

To prevent infection during the procedure, we use: Pre-sterilized disposable for each new client and each new procedure on each client.

New wipes, gauze, cotton and swabs, new pigment cups, new gloves, new barrier film, new equipment barrier control bags between clients and throughout the procedure.

Hospital grade disinfectant cleaners and medical sterilization procedures that kill microorganisms like HIV, Hepatitis A, B, and C, MRSA, Staph, Tuberculosis for all equipment and working surfaces are used.

All contaminated needles are disposed of in a recognizable sharps container.

It is ideal to have minimal or no bleeding during the procedure.

Please refrain from blood thinning NSAIDs like ibuprofen, Naproxen, Aspirin; blood thinners like Coumadin; vitamins like B & E; alcoholic and caffeinated beverages; fats like fish oils, flax seed oil, walnut oil; herbs like curry powder, ginger, paprika, thyme, cinnamon, dill, oregano, turmeric, liquorice, peppermint, cayenne pepper, garlic, gingko; vegetables like avocados, cabbage, broccoli, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, onions, kelp, kale; and sodas 48 hours prior and up to the day of your procedure.

Please get plenty of rest and hydrate yourself starting at least 24 hours prior to and up to the day of your procedure.



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