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Anna-Burns"We strive for a superior client experience by providing a dedicated and highly trained clinician, innovative techniques, and advanced permanent cosmetics technology. "- Anna Burns

Our practice at Anna Burns Permanent Cosmetics focuses on the specialty of micropigmentation (also known as permanent cosmetics). We offer services to clients who want the most natural-looking enhancement of their features.

Anna Burns specializes in both cosmetic and restorative permanent cosmetics. She is prominent in the industry for her expert technique in creating realistic permanent eyebrows with natural hair-like strokes (also referred to as tattoo eyebrows) and permanent eyeliner.

Anna is dedicated to providing all clients with compassionate care and an artistic, personalized solution to address any concerns regarding permanent make-up, scar revision, skin tightening and hair loss treatments.

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Certified Derma Technician
Permanent Cosmetic Professional

Perfectly shaped eyebrows are not an easy feat—either you over pluck to the point of no return (or no eyebrows) or you just accept the genetics that God has given you a pair of mismatched ones What we tell our clients at our office is, that eyebrows are sisters, not twins! We firmly believe that no amount of tweezing can ever fix. However, to better get a fuller appearence and a more aligned eyebrows shape, then consider Microblading. Microblading is a semi-permanent tattoo that employs real brush strokes for a truly hair-like appearance that can help give you the best eyebrows for your face shape. The semi-permanent tat only lasts for one to three years, max, but the average is closer to a year and a half. Estheticians use a small bladed hand tool made up of tiny needles that gives the artist precision when hand-drawing the strokes on to (and, essentially, into) your skin. Unlike regular tattooing, the ink from microblading fades away with time because it doesn't penetrate the skin as deeply. The actual microblading typically takes no longer than 30 minutes depending on how thick or sparse your eyebrows are. Once your new brows are complete, you'll return for a perfecting session (fine tuning the color or adding dimension) one to three months later, which gives your skin ample time to properly heal. In fact, most people come in at least a year later for another touch-up to maintain their color and strokes. Below our some examples from our clients and Atlanta Microblading Service. 

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Before you consider microblading, and choosing your microblader, please do your research and do not let just anyone cut into your skin. We humbly ask you to consider reading our Facebook reviews and giving us a call at 404-860-1671 to ask and answer any concerns or questions about this practice. Or better yet, visit our Atlanta Permanenet Make up office at 1218 West Paces Ferry Rd. NW, Atlanta, GA. 

Micro-Needling/Derma-Rolling Atlanta

First off, this procedure is known under many names like Collagen Rejuvenation Therapy, Micro-needling or Derma Rolling but it all does the same thing, which would be to bring new life back into your skin!

Secondly, although the idea of sticking millions of tiny needles into your skin doesn't sound the most appealing to some, I promise you the results are MORE than worth it. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Naomi Watts, Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt, and Angelina Jolie all attest to its greatness! I mean, how else do you think they look like a walking, Instagram photo everywhere they go?

But, What Exactly is it?

Clinical trials have demonstrated that Micro-needling/Derma-Rolling activate the body's natural wound healing process with the usage of needles, this then helps to excite the fibroblasts in the skin tissue to produce new collagen and help speed up elastin production to repair the skin. By doing this, you are left with smoother, healthier, and younger-looking skin that everyone will take notice of and melt with envy over! It's truly amazing what a bunch of little needles can help to accomplish but, what's more, it's all non-surgical, non-invasive, laser-free, and chemical-free meaning it's the most organic way to achieving Skin Rejuvenation with little to zero downtime needed. Not to mention that this is a much cheaper and affordable option than your conventional Fraxel or fractional laser treatments.

What makes for the ideal candidate for such a procedure?

I've got great news for you, EVERYONE is an ideal candidate. This is safe for all skin types, ethnic or not, young or old, anybody can get flawless skin! Those who suffer from aging skin, sagging skin, wrinkles, acne scars, hyperpigmentation enlarged pores, and stretch marks can start seeing immediate results as soon as the first treatment. Micro-needling/ Derma-Rolling also helps to improve skin texture while also firming and tightening. It's so quick and easy that you could do it on your lunch break because of it's little to zero downtime, and still fit in time for a quick latte run to the nearest cafe before heading back to the office!

Sounds Great, but How Do I get Started?

Here, at Anna Burns Permanent Cosmetics, we offer the Atlanta Permanent Cosmetics industry collagen rejuvenation therapy treatments (aka Micro-needling/ Derma-Rolling) with the help of machine needling techniques and derma rollers, all nothing short of the best. With our amazing staff and trained professionals, at your beck and call, there's no doubt that you won't find the best treatment option, customized based on your needs and concerns. So, what do you have to lose? Give us a quick call at 404-860-1671 to schedule a consultation at our Atlanta Permanent Cosmetics office. 



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